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Mini-post: Pickin’ & Trimmin’

To anyone who grew up in a small town, the atmosphere around The Barbershop in Drexel, NC is warmly familiar. There may not have been bluegrass playing, but there was always a barbershop or a butcher shop or service station where folks tended to gather to shoot the breeze. The topic of conversation was usually trivial, but the sense of community was real.

Best Made Co.

A wooden handle and a piece of steel. It’s a design so foundational that it must be encoded deep within our DNA somewhere. For millennia it has shaped the landscape of human civilization, both as a tool and a weapon. But while the axe may be man’s earliest invention, it has lost almost all of its significance in the digital age.


When Paul Malowany and Simon Travers opened a motorcycle repair shop in Vancouver in 2010, their vision was to create something that’s almost completely foreign to anyone under the age of fifty. They wanted to build a shop where you could not only have your bike worked on by expert mechanics, but where you could also come to crank a wrench and learn how to repair your bike yourself.