What Is Slow Commerce?



Slow Commerce is a resource for thinking more consciously about how we buy and consume in our daily lives.

Right now we live in a world where the rates of extraction and consumption are pushing our planet and communities to the breaking point. As a global society we’ve been conditioned to value the quarterly profit, the GDP, the annual salary, and the personal net worth above all else—above the the health of the planet, above precious ecosystems, above our communities, and above basic human rights.

It's time we take an honest look at our lifestyles and the systems that support them, and decide if there might be a better way of doing things.

Slow Commerce doesn’t pretend to offer solutions to all the world's problems. In fact, we end up asking more questions than we answer. But what we do hope to provide are points of light along the way in your own daily life—alternatives to the status quo that put value on more than just growth, and help you bring greater sustainability, global-mindedness, and happiness to your own little corner of the world.

-Ted Muething


Slow Commerce is operated out of Austin, TX and points beyond.

If you'd like to get in touch, drop a line on social media or message me at 'slowcommerce' 'at' 'gmail' 'dot' 'com'.

Photo: John Salathé and Yvon Chounaird, 1964 (via)