Happy Earth Overshoot Day

Today, August 13th, is Earth Overshoot Day 2015. That means that in the past 225 days we've consumed as much natural resources as the Earth produces in an entire year. From here on out—a full 140 days—we're on borrowed time.

Banning The Plastic Bag

Last week Hawaii became the first in the U.S. to ban plastic shopping bags statewide. The island of Oahu, home to two-thirds of Hawaii's population, joined its neighbors in outlawing non-compostable and non-recyclable bags, effectively making it a total state ban.


Two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered by ocean and yet we treat it like an afterthought, standing by as global warming, acidification, over-fishing, and pollution push it towards disaster. That’s the driving motivation behind Spanish surf wear company, TWOTHIRDS.

Senior Living In Japan

Here in the U.S. we grow up with a very specific idea of what a good career looks like—start at an entry-level position, work hard to rise up the ranks of management, and hopefully by our mid-60's be in a comfortable enough position to retire.

Everlane's Radically Transparent Tees

San Francisco's Everlane was founded on a simple concept—what if you actually told customers how much it cost to make something? Starting in 2011 with a batch of 1,500 tees in four colors and one style, Everlane has been on a mission to bring radical transparency to the clothing industry.