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Two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered by ocean and yet we treat it like an afterthought, standing by as global warming, acidification, over-fishing, and pollution push it towards disaster. That’s the driving motivation behind Spanish surf wear company, TWOTHIRDS.

Founded in San Sebastián in 2009 before relocating to the Mediterranean in 2012, Barcelona-based TWOTHIRDS aims to protect the world’s oceans through raised awareness and greater sustainability. TWOTHIRDS wants us to realize how important the sea is to our lives, and then demonstrate a way forward for keeping it safe.

To founder Lutz Schwenke, it just seemed obvious for a company that promotes the use of the ocean to also promote its stewardship. Not just through empty branding, either, but through serious action.

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A sustainable product lifecycle is the goal of everything TWOTHIRDS sells. The company's product line is split into two categories, representing two different forms of sustainability.

The first, TWOTHIRDS ORGANIC, is made from 100% organic and materials and is completely biodegradable. When your shirt or chinos have outworn their useful life, they can be tossed into the compost pile as easily as an apple—no need to worry about pieces of plastic buttons or thread one day ending up on a beach or floating in the middle of the ocean.

The second product line is TWOTHIRDS RECYCLED, designed to find new life for the plastic waste that already threatens our waterways. By using recycled polyester in the production of most or all of the garment, TWOTHIRDS saves waste like plastic water bottles from ending up in the ocean, and ensures the garment can be recycled again and again in the future.


By making sustainability the primary focus of everything they sell, TWOTHIRDS shows it's more than just a brand strategy for them. They are wholly dedicated to using business as a source of good for the oceans and our planet—and doing it with style.

Of course it doesn't come without sacrifices. TWOTHIRDS is more expensive than most surf brands, and they face challenges in sourcing materials that meet their requirements, but the difficulties are worth it if they can serve as a model for others. If one company can do it, what's stopping others from committing themselves to a future that's waste-free?

From nature and back to nature while causing as little harm as possible—nothing could make more sense.


TWOTHIRDS was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Barcelona

All of its products are manufactured in Europe, and the majority are made entirely of organic or recycled materials

For more on its sustainability practices, visit the TWOTHIRDS website 

Photos via TWOTHIRDS

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