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Happy Earth Overshoot Day

Today, August 13th, is Earth Overshoot Day 2015. That means that in the past 225 days we've consumed as much natural resources as the Earth produces in an entire year. From here on out—a full 140 days—we're on borrowed time.

Banning The Plastic Bag

Last week Hawaii became the first in the U.S. to ban plastic shopping bags statewide. The island of Oahu, home to two-thirds of Hawaii's population, joined its neighbors in outlawing non-compostable and non-recyclable bags, effectively making it a total state ban.

Senior Living In Japan

Here in the U.S. we grow up with a very specific idea of what a good career looks like—start at an entry-level position, work hard to rise up the ranks of management, and hopefully by our mid-60's be in a comfortable enough position to retire.

Juniper Ridge Wild Fragrances

Fragrances can be scary things once you learn how to find out what's in them. The problem is that cosmetic makers, along makers of air fresheners, soaps, detergents, and other home goods, aren't required to tell consumers what they put in their products.

You Have Too Much Shit

"I'm going to make an assumption that, because you are reading this... it's more than likely that you own a lot of shit." That's the start to UK designer Chris Thomas's brilliant self-help manual, You Have Too Much Shit.

The Happy Planet Index

With the 300,000-person strong People’s Climate March taking place in New York this past Sunday and the UN Climate Summit convening yesterday, the topic of climate solutions is on everyone's mind. How do we turn the corner at a time when the bad news about the environment seems to only be accelerating?

The ICON Bronco

Jonathan Ward isn’t your average auto enthusiast. Where most people might find a hobby, Ward found a life mission. The history of ICON Motors dates to a trip that Ward and his wife made to South Africa in 1996. Land Rovers and other popular 4x4 models could all be found in the country’s milder terrain, but whenever the going got tough, there was only one model that was trusted - the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Keep Austin Weird

In our home of Austin, TX, there’s a saying that might as well be the unofficial motto of the city - Keep Austin Weird. The slogan serves as a rallying cry for a town in the midst of a stretch of incredible growth and transformation. Once a sleepy haven for hippies and musicians, Austin has been booming in recent years due largely to its role as a technology hub.

Tsutaya Books

When Muneaki Masuda, founder and president of Japan’s Tsutaya Books, saw the threat that internet retail posed to his business, he knew he needed to act to save the future of his more than 1,400 stores. The strategy he came up with was so bold that it’s hard to imagine many other executives having the guts to even consider it.